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19 Feb 2007

Here is a description of the contents of this website.

This is my website about computer programming and jazz improvisation.

I love to design and write computer programs. I write about my programming projects because it allows me to share the joy and excitement of my experience. It lets me organize my thoughts and priorities. It lets me later go back and review design decisions I have made and techniques and tricks I have used. It gives structure to my “work day” and motivates me to move forward (I need to complete the design or coding to write about it). Think of my articles as informal research report and design documentation. Secretly I have always dreamed of being a writer :-).

I study piano briefly when I was a child. In secondary school I took jazz guitar lessons. I also arranged for a small vocal/guitar group. I have always been intrigued by jazz improvisation. More recently I have started to study jazz chord scale theory and harmonic analysis. I want to develop algorithms for and write computer programs to automate harmonic analysis. I also want to learn to play again and build software tools that will help me learn and practice. So this is my next project: learn to play, study jazz theory, and design and write computer programs for it. That will be the topic of this website. Posts deriving from this project will be placed in the “Programming” and “Jazz” categories.

If you’ve come from the world of music, you may be amused by the on-going story of an old guy trying to learn to play jazz guitar again :-). You will also be able to download a few programs that may help in your own playing, study, and teaching. If you've come from a computer science background, you can read about the analysis and considerations that go into the design and implementation of software for a fascinating application area. Perhaps you will learn something useful for use in your own programming projects.

The second, but equally important, purpose of my website is for keeping in touch with my family and friends all over the world: a sort of “I am still alive!” message. I know, sometimes we should just pick up the phone and call. But the Web does enable us to share photos and news quickly and easily. Posts meant for family and friends will be put in the “General” category. I will also set up an on-line photo album, which will let me share my own photos as well as let family and friends send their photos to me.

Andrew Choi

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