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28 Mar 2007

Here is my Email address etc.

My Email address is “akochoi at shaw dot ca”.

On a former version of this page, I went into some details to describe the kinds of correspondence I didn’t wish to get. Well, I’ve continued to get them anyway. Perhaps it’s unavoidable if one’s written code for moderately well-known free software projects, and when one’s Email address is posted publicly. Everyone wants to get a few words in, I guess.

And then there’re people who try to hire me to write little programs for them, and it always seems that they haven’t taken the time to read my “About the Author” page about my qualifications and experience. I don’t even know how to reply to these.

Let me just say instead that I welcome a thoughtful and polite discussion of topics on computer programming and jazz improvisation that I have currently written about on my website. Thoughtful and polite, please. I wouldn’t know how to reply to you otherwise :-).

To my family, and friends from the past and in the present: no, Andrew hasn’t gone off the deep end (yet :-)). You should see some of the Email I get! Anyway the fanaticism of free software, text editors, programming languages, the Apple Macintosh, etc., is a difficult thing to explain. Part of it is kids being opinionated, rude, disrepectful, egotistic, bullies, etc. As you know I dealt with a lot of that when I taught. But now I do this for recreation so I simply don’t have the patience. The Internet can be a pretty rude place. Your messages, however, are of course always welcome.

Andrew Choi.

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