Cantonese Artificially-intelligent Phonetic Input Method—Thanksgiving Release

2 Nov 2023

This is a new bug fix release of my Cantonese Artificially-intelligent Phonetic (CAP) Input Method for macOS, Linux, and Windows 10. Most significantly, a number of long standing bugs resulting in crashes have finally been removed in the Windows version. If you have used CAP in Windows and experienced problems previously, please try this new version. It's a lot more stable. Also, its SLM has been updated and new words and pronounciations have been added.


Follow one of these links to download the version of CAP for your platform.

Version Download Location MD5 Checksum
Windows 10 (64-bit) b23d1aa386c667742877d5f9acaf73a4
Linux fcitx-cap_1.0.0_amd64.deb a4bd5f6e8cccc8e9d76c88c1fdf4bd9f
macOS Chinese - Cantonese AI Phonetic e984a755d25a4568cb562a9b5b7ada99

Update: 2024-03-31. Alternative download for macOS version; same MD5 checksum as above (<s>thanks a lot Google Drive people!</s>): Chinese - Cantonese AI Phonetic

Also, the Windows version has been tested and it works correctly on Windows 11.


To install, follow the instructions for a previous release of CAP, for example the Black Bauhinia release.

For the Windows version, unzip the distributed ZIP file and click/double click on the setup.exe file. This will automatically download and install a Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package on which CAP depends before its installation, if necessary.

CAP License

Note that according to CAP’s license, you can use it for personal and non-commercial purposes, and are prohibited from redistributing it, or any of its parts.


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