Cantonese Artificially-intelligent Phonetic Input Method—Year of the Ox Release

5 Apr 2021

Here’s yet another release of my Cantonese Artificially-intelligent Phonetic (CAP) Input Method for macOS, Linux, and Windows 10. Its statistical language model now incorporates the 2021-04-01 Chinese and Cantonese versions of the Wikipedia, among other sources. A small change to the macOS version allows the candidate window to be displayed correctly under either dark or light mode setting.

macOS Dark Mode

This release of CAP honors the setting of dark/light mode on macOS:

Its statistical language model was built using sentences collected from the 2021-04-01 Chinese and Cantonese versions of the Wikipedia, and other sources.


Download this release of the CAP input method for your platform with one of the following links.

Version Download Location MD5 Checksum
macOS Chinese - Cantonese AI Phonetic bd23c8492b8642c8d747f8ee7e949774
Windows 10 (64-bit) CAPInstallerReleaseNew.msi 218d9c063f3f7cd27a4c32aef4e42e5c
Linux fcitx-cap_1.0.0_amd64.deb cd2e766353c123b4c448414b36ed151a


To install CAP, follow the instructions for the previous release.

CAP License

Note that according to CAP’s license, you can use it for personal and non-commercial purposes, and are prohibited from redistributing it, or any of its parts.


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